Universal Rehabilitation Services

Universal Rehabilitation Services has the resources, expertise, skills and experience needed to help the most patients and change the most lives possible across the state of Texas.

Our Mission

“To contribute to the health, rehabilitation and well being of those we service using stellar multi-disciplinary professionals and technologies while inspiring hope and belief that a higher quality of life can be achieved!”

Get Access to The Best Talent in the Rehabilitation Industry

We have the best talent to service your patients. With decades of experience, and having the top professionals in the industry you are sure to find your patients healing at an ever increasing rate and your business booming as we build your company up alongside ours! 

We don’t hire new grads so you never have to worry about a ‘body in the shop’ mentality with us. 

We don’t rest until your patients are taken care of and brought back to their health! 

We know that your patients don’t get sick only Monday through Friday, that is why we have 24/7 access to our office so you can rest assured that you are not alone in taking care of your patients. 

Being therapist owned, our team knows it takes a village and an ethical one at that, to know what to do and when to do it accurately and efficiently in this industry! 

Our state of the art system even does the work for you providing you with all of the credentials needed for any audit so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the professionals tending to your patients at all times!

Success Stories


This system is amazing and instead of hiring in house clinicians or anything she will leave them with us because she is so impressed with our system and the ease of getting the documents and credentials.

Everything is so well organized and so easy to use, just wish i had found universal sooner!”

Destiny Mccoy at 1st community hcs


“I appreciate you guys and all of the work you all do. the turn around time on the assessments is great. I’m very happy.”

Eleno, ceo of “a chance una oportunidad” (hcs)


“I took a moment and looked over the process and it’s very user friendly, i am the one you will hear from mostly and i am looking forward to working with your company. i especially like the six-point background section, i do keep up with all contract license’s and this will make my job a little easier.

Thanks and i am glad i made that call.”



“Your software is the easiest one i have ever used! i love it is great and i am so eager to get more patient’s in this system.”

Michael Shelfo, pta